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Autodesk Pixlrhelp and info

  • What is Autodesk Pixlr?

    Autodesk Pixlr is a free photo-editing desktop application, based on the exisiting mobile app. It is designed to offer the user a wide range of editing tools which can be used to decorate, enhance and modify a photograph in many different ways.

  • Can Autodesk Pixlr be used to draw?

    No. Autodesk Pixlr is designed to modify existing images, rather than to create new ones. However, its tools and effects can be applied to drawings or paintings as well as photographs if so desired.

  • Does Autodesk Pixlr require an Internet connection to use?

    While the basic tools such as cropping, straightening nad red eye removal can be carried out offline, as can the typing, default effects and stylisation tools, the program requires the user to be connected to the Internet before many of the more sophisticated tools can be activated.

  • Does Pixlr include overlays?

    Yes, the application has a range of overlays that can be used to add texture to your photographs. These include acquest, echo, wavelengths, canvas, grunge, retro poster and more.

  • What stylisation tools does Autodesk Pixlr include?

    Using Pixlr, you will be able to stylise your photos by turning them into something resembling a pencil drawing, sketch or litho, giving them a silky finish, distorting them with a dapple or poly, applying a lush watercolour effect, embossing, cross-hatching, or using a colour scheme that suggests an old-fashioned poster print.

  • What are Pixlr's stickers?

    Autodesk Pixlr's sticker function is a quick way to add a dash of fun and colour to your photos. Choose from a wide range of different sticker designs, and apply them to your photographs as you see fit. This will be particularly entertaining for children, or for adults who simply want a fun image to share on social media.

  • What effects are included with Pixlr?

    The effects offered by Autodesk Pixlr are divided into seven categories: default, creative, soft, subtle, too old, unicolour and vintage. The default category covers the basics effects, but a user who desires something more sophisticated should find an appropriate choice in the other categories.

  • Is it possible to add type to photographs?

    Yes, AutoDesk Pixlr allows the user to apply type to a photograph. The type function is easily customisable, offering different fonts, font sizes and font styles to choose from.

  • Can you add a border to a photograph in Autodesk Pixlr?

    Yes, the software offers a whole gallery of different border styles. This range from the stylish and classically-oriented to the more vibrant pop art-inspired borders. If you wish to apply a border to your photograph, it is safe to say that you will find a design that is appropriate for the job.

  • What is the double exposure tool?

    This tool allows the user to simulate the effect of a photographic double exposure by overlaying one photograph, in semi-transparent form, on top of another. Once you have chosen a photo to edit, activating the double exposure tool will allow you to import an additional photo and adjust its opacity as needed.